How To Pass A Drug Test For Coke In 24 Hours

How To Pass A Drug Test For Coke In 24 Hours

There’s no hiding it, cocaine is in widespread use, even amongst people who get up and go to work every day. It’s become socially normal.

That’s why so many people in America, who could be subject to pre-employment, on-the-job, or probation drug testing, wonder how to pass a drug test for Coke in 24 hours.

The thing is, 24 hours could be generous if you are told you have to go for a drug test, whether it’s for employment purposes or because of the courts or probation office.

So is it actually possible to pass a drug test for Coke in 24 hours, or are you in trouble?

In this guide I’m going to give you the lowdown on exactly what the deal is with cocaine, how long it stays in your system, how it shows up on drug test, and tell you if it’s possible to pass a drug test for cocaine in 24 hours, and how.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

When you take cocaine, the effects peak as quickly as 30 minutes after consumption. These effects then tail off over the next few hours.

When you start to feel the effects of cocaine it’s because it’s being converted in the body metabolites that then stay in your body until they pass out of it, mostly through your urine.

The problem with cocaine is that it has different metabolites which exit the body at different rates.

Let’s look at how long cocaine stay in your system in different ways:

  • In blood it is usually detectable up to 24 hours, occasionally 48 hours
  • In saliva it is usually detectable up to 12 hours, but occasionally up to 48 hours
  • In hair follicles, three months, as this is the standard sample size
  • In urine, up to 4 days

In terms of plasma, the half life of cocaine is incredibly short, around two hours. This means if you have a blood sample drug test you could be clean in as little as 12 hours, almost definitely within 24 hours.

But if you are wondering how to pass a drug test for coke in 24 hours, you are probably up for a urine drug test, as this is by far the most common type of drug test in the USA.

The problem is that if you are a light cocaine user, you could be clear in as little as 48 hours. But depending on the metabolites looked for, and the regularity and intensity of use, this time could expand into as much as 14 days.

Does Cocaine Show Up On A Drug Test?

The bad news is that almost without exception, cocaine does show up on a drug test.

When somebody pays for a drug test to be administered, they pay per “panel”. The panel on the drug test checks for a specific type of metabolite or drug chemical.

So a five panel drug test will check for five different types of drug. The five panel test is usually the most basic one used, and definitely the most common.

But almost without exception, cocaine is one of the substances that is checked for on every single type of drug test. So if you are going for a basic pre-employment drug test for example, you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to check for cocaine use.

Does cocaine show up on a drug test

How To Detox Coke In One Day

Now that you know cocaine does show on a drug test, the next question has to be how to detox Coke in one day, because one day is pretty much all the notice you are usually going to get.

I say that, the exception to that is probably a pre-employment drug test. Although you will be given a maximum of usually 48 hours to report after interview, you know you going for the interview, so you know several days in advance that you will possibly be subject to a drug test.

So especially with employment, you need to be abstaining from cocaine use for several days before you go for your interview.

But generally, it’s not possible to detox from cocaine one day, you cannot remove cocaine metabolites from your system forcibly in one day. This is especially the case if you are going to be going for a urine drug test, if you have used cocaine within the week leading up to the test then you should be concerned.

Ways To Pass A Drug Test For Cocaine In 24 Hours

How To Detox Coke In One Day

However, the good news is that it is possible to learn how to pass a drug test for Coke in 24 hours, and it doesn’t matter how long cocaine stays in your system because you are simply not going to be submitting a genuine sample if you follow these strategies:

  1. Use fake urine

The absolute surefire way to pass a urine drug test for cocaine is to submit a fake sample of high quality synthetic urine.

The best brands out there are Sub Solution and Quick Fix. Sub Solution is the best brand and one I would recommend you get your hands on if you can, but Quick Fix is almost as good, especially for a basic employment drug test.

If you go for Sub Solution you can have complete control over the temperature to make sure it’s submitted correctly. It uses heat activator powder, rather than the more usual heat pad you have to microwave.

This means you have complete control over the sample temperature right up until the moment you walk into the lab.

Sub Solution reviews

  1. Use a high quality detox drink

A detox drink masks the toxins in your urine. It basically flushes your system out, dragging the the toxins from cocaine in your bladder and urinary tract out of the the body. At the same time it replaces nutrients and maintains balance to ensure that your sample is not detected as unusual.

The best detox drinks out there are Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex. Take these a couple of hours before you go for your drug test for cocaine and you should be absolutely fine, especially if you also abstain for as many days as possible.

The final word on telling you how to pass drug test for cocaine in 24 hours is that you need detox drinks or synthetic urine in stock.

They take a few days to arrive, and even 24 hours under priority, and you may not have that luxury in time. Investing hundred bucks now could save you a fortune later.

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