Cream Of Tartar Drug Test Method

Cream Of Tartar Drug Test Method

Some people claim cream of tartar, can help speed up the removal of drug metabolites from your system. Basically, the claim is that mixing cream of tartar with water and then drinking it will flush toxins out of your system more efficiently than water on its own, leaving your sample clean.

So what’s the truth? Does cream of tartar help you to pass a drug test, or is it just another stupid Internet story that going to see you fail to get that job, fail to keep your job, or stay out on probation?

What Is The Cream Of Tartar Drug Test Method?

Cream of tartar is mildly acidic, and the theory is that when you drink it, it can help to remove toxins from your body.nIt’s not only recommended for drug testing by some people, but also for giving up nicotine, and dealing with alcohol problems.

On top of that, it’s also claimed that helps with urinary tract infections, which is what I suspect started this urban myth in the first place. So let me be clear, it is an urban myth. There is literally no evidence that cream of tartar can help to speed up, or make more efficient, the removal of drug toxins.

Does Cream Of Tartar Help You Pass A Drug Test?

So no, the cream of tartar drug test method does not help you to pass any type of drug test. It’s an urban myth, a fantasy, another stupid home remedies for a drug test, a cheap and easy way out that some people desperately try.

The bottom line is that your kidney and liver clean out your system, and drug metabolites work their way out blood, cells and digestive system at a certain rate only. You cannot speed up the elimination of drug toxins through the cream of tartar, but there are things you can do to ensure that you pass a drug test without drinking down spoonfuls of tartar sauce.

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Ways You Can Actually Pass A Urine Drug Test

Green tea, cranberry juice, baking powder, goldenseal, tartar sauce, none of this rubbish works.

If you want actually pass a urine drug test, you need a specialist product to either mask the toxins or to enable you to submit a completely fake sample:

Get a high-quality cleansing drink. Drinks like Rescue Cleanse and Ultra Eliminex (detailed reviews here and here), flush out the toxins moving through your bladder and urinary tract, leaving your sample clean. At the same time, they help to maintain the balance in your urine so that it does not get rejected for being a diluted sample.

Use a detox pill to speed up a natural detox. A high-quality pill like Toxin Rid will certainly help to speed things up by about 50%, but you will still need about seven days to clear most toxins, and possibly longer for marijuana, whose metabolites can be recycled around the body for several weeks.

The absolute best way to pass a drug test is not to use the cream of tartar drug test method, it’s to submit a completely fake sample of high-quality synthetic urine.

A quality product like Sub Solution, Quick Fix or Monkey Whizz contains all the ingredients natural urine should.

Also both of these synthetic urine products will help further because they are both supplied with high-quality heating elements that will keep the temperature at human body temperature for several hours.

So the cream of tartar drug test method is fake. What will work is detox drinks, a natural detox supported by a pill, or simply submitting a synthetic urine sample.

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