Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method Review

Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method Review

If you know you could be facing a urine drug test soon and have never had one before, then you could be online searching for the sort of things that can help you to pass a drug test.

Your will read about drug test products and just much about home remedies. The Cranberry juice drug test method is one of those home remedies you will read about.

But what does Cranberry juice do for a drug test? If you drink cranberry juice before a drug test, will it get rid of drug toxins, or leave you high and dry?

Let’s give you the answers right here to whether cranberry juice will give you drug test success, or whether you should be looking elsewhere.

Using Cranberry Juice Before A Drug Test

What people say is that if you drink a significant quantity of cranberry juice before a drug test, then it will help you to pass it.

Basically they are claiming that if you drink plenty of cranberry juice before a drug test, then you will pass.

It’s the same with other home remedies, but why do people suggest cranberry juice could work for a drug test? Is there any truth in it?

What Does Cranberry Juice Do For A Drug Test?

The claim is that cranberry juice before a drug test will flush out drug toxins. Basically, when you take drugs, smoke weed, whatever, the active ingredients turn into metabolites. These are in your bloodstream, and slowly they work their way out through your urine.

When you go for a urine drug test, the lab testing you will check for the presence of various drugs and metabolites. The claim is that cranberry juice will get rid of these toxins so that there aren’t any to be found.

However, I’ve got to bust this cranberry juice drug test myth right now.

Cranberry juice can certainly help with urinary tract health. It’s packed with antioxidants, and drinking enough of any liquid will help to flush a few of the toxins out of your body, basically the ones already in your bladder, and further down the urinary tract.

But the bottom line is that drinking cranberry juice before drug test is not going to help you pass.

Although it’s been linked with urinary health because it can help with infections down there, it’s not a specialist product and it doesn’t have anything in it that ever been linked with removing drug toxins from the body. It’s just a myth.

using cranberry juice for drug test

Drug Test Home Remedy Myths

The using Cranberry juice to pass a drug test myth is similar to several other home remdies out there that you will probably come across.

Things like drinking vinegar, lemon juice, gallons of water, whatever, none of them work.

Drug metabolites take time to work their way out of your body, and the ones already in your urinary system can only be flushed out using a specialist product, otherwise your sample will show as diluted, and if you drink enough of anything to try and flush them out, the pH of your urine will also change, both of which are big red flags for the testing labs.

If you are a weed smoker, then this is even more the case. THC tends to attach to fat and work its way out the bowels, so drinking cranberry juice will have literally no affect on that. So if it was a blood test, then it would be literally wasted time.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

The great news is that you don’t have to rely on stupid home remedies like the cranberry juice drug test method. It’s perfectly possible to pass a drug test, but you need specialist products.

There are two ways you can pass a drug test:

  1. Synthetic urine is the surefire best way to pass a drug test, because you are never going to let your drug toxins anywhere near the sample pot.

Brands like Sub Solution and Monkey Whizz are very high quality and contain all the basic ingredients human urine does, meaning they will not be picked up as fake by the testing lab.

On top of that, Sub Solution especially, does not contain biocide, which is an artificial preservative some labs look for, and it uses a heat activator powder which means you have close control over being able to submit a sample at the correct temperature.

  1. You could use a high quality cleansing drink, rather than using cranberry juice to try and pass a drug test. Drinks like, Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex aren’t cheap, but they work.

Especially formulated to drag the toxins out through your urine, and keep the balance of nutrients in your body level so your sample isn’t picked up as fake.

If you can combine a high quality detox pill like Toxin Rid for a few days beforehand, and then drink high quality detox drink on the day, you are pretty much guaranteed to pass a drug test, where is if you think cranberry juice good for a drug test, it is going to get into trouble.

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