What Are The Best THC Detox Kits For A Drug Test

Best THC detox kit

People looking to detox to get through a drug test will search online for the best THC detox kits. But what actually is a THC detox kit, do they really work, and do they even actually exist?

There are plenty of detox products on the market advertised as suitable for THC, but are they a complete kit, and are they worth your money? So let’s take a look at those key questions, including telling you the brands of marijuana detox kit that you shouldn’t ever buy.

I’ll then tell you what options you have to pass a drug test using both a permanent detox kit option and how to use a temporary detox kit for a drug test.

How Can You Detox To Pass A Drug Test?

People will throw the term detox around like it’s confetti. What actually is a detox, and how can you achieve it to pass a drug test?

Well, there are two types of detox you can do:

  1. Permanent

A permanent detox is where you get rid of drug toxins from your body permanently, obviously. But that’s far more difficult than it sounds.

A permanent detox can take weeks. Although for a light user it might only take a handful of days, if you are a serious weed smoker, then THC metabolites can linger in your body for literally weeks after your last joint.

So permanent detox as a serious weed smoker can be very painful. You have to stop smoking weed, you have to exercise, eat well, sleep well, avoid all other toxins, and drink loads of water. And you have to do that for potentially several weeks.

  1. Temporary (masking)

A temporary detox isn’t detoxed at all. All you are doing is hiding the fact that you’ve got drug metabolites in your body.

People will class using a detox drink as a detox, but that’s a complete fallacy. All a detox drink does is to flush out the toxins that will be immediately appearing in your urine over the next few hours. You drink the drink, it covers that fact up, as it wears off, the toxins reappear. So it’s not detox in any way at all.

marijuana detox kit

What Is A Permanent Detox Kit?

So when people talk about the best THC detox kits, they are really talking about a permanent THC detox kit. Because a temporary one is just a detox drink or some other masking solution.

A permanent THC detox kit is basically a set of pills or a combination of pills and liquid, that aims to speed up the elimination of toxins from your body at a faster rate than you can achieve naturally.

These weed detox kits do this through the ingredients in them, and the way that your body deals with THC metabolites generally.

The Truth About Marijuana Detox Kits

There is one truth about THC detox kits that you really need to know about before you make a choice on which one to use.

Anything which is marketed as being able to target THC specifically is a con. So any detox kit out there that says it is the best THC detox kit because it can eliminate THC toxins is not telling you the truth.

The reason is that they cannot target THC toxins alone. Although THC toxins work in a slightly different way, with 60% of them working their way out through the bowels, whereas most drug toxins work their way out through the bladder usually, it still means up to 40% of the toxins are going to work their way out of the bladder.

Plus, the only way that you can affect THC toxins moving out of the bowels more quickly is to get them to attach to bile, which binds to fat. However, that means introducing more fiber, and a detox pill on its own cannot contain enough fiber to do that.

In addition to all that, when THC toxins are in the bloodstream, attached to cells, wherever they are in the body, no detox kit on earth can specifically go into your body and target them, drawing them out.

Weed Detox Kits That Do Not Work

So now you saw that there is no such thing as a true permanent THC detox kit, let’s warn you away from some of the brands that make those fantastic claims:

  1. Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit Extra Strong is one of those brands you should stay away from. The ingredients are fillers, and it’s mostly just a supplement that isn’t ever going to be strong enough to eradicate drug toxins from your body, let alone target THC metabolites specifically.
  2. Green Gone 10 Day Marijuana Detox makes big claims, being allegedly able to eliminate THC metabolites at a 200% faster rate than is naturally achievable. Now obviously that claim on its own sound incredibly dubious. But the other point is it’s nearly a two-week course. You could detox naturally most of the time in two weeks, so why would you need to take these pills for almost two weeks?
  3. Herbal Clean 7 Day Premium Detox Cleanse capsule kit is the third detox kit for drug tests I want to tell you to avoid. Herbal Clean can be quite good, they make Qcarbo32, and Ultra Eliminex detox drinks, but this is one of the products they make to avoid. On top of that, Herbal Clean makes lots of supplements all claiming to get rid of drug metabolites, but none of them have a great track record.

 Permanent THC Detox Kit Option

If you’re looking for a true permanent THC detox kit, then the best THC detox kit you can get your hands on is going to be Toxin Rid.

It’s a true permanent THC detox kit because it’s a course of pills that help to speed up the effects of natural detox. You can’t just take the pills and magically eliminate THC toxins, you have to do a natural detox alongside them.

But they are incredibly powerful, and I’ve used them myself to do a full natural detox about a year ago. They really work, and I was clean in just a few days even though I was taking stuff regularly.

Course durations range from a single day, all way through to 10 days in length. In each course length, you get a differing amount of powerful Toxin Rid pills, plus a detox supplement drink, and a detox fiber supplement drink to take at the end of the course as well.

It’s a powerful option, and can definitely speed up the removal of toxins from your body significantly, by as much as 50%. So if you are going to take two weeks to get clean, you could be clean in just a week using Toxin Rid.

Masking THC Might Be The Best Option

So look, without hard work and money spent you’re going to struggle to get a permanent THC detox kit at all.

For me, the best THC detox kits are actually just detox drinks. What I’m saying is that masking THC might be the best strategy for you, especially as it is rare to get significant notice about the drug test, unless it’s a pre-employment drug test. Let’s face it, you’d be nuts to be smoking weed every day while applying for jobs if your strategy is to somehow permanently eradicate the toxins.

All you have to do is drink the detox drink a couple of hours before your drug test, sometimes alongside some extra water. You then urinate a few times to get the toxins out of your body, and you go and take your drug test.

But a detox drink isn’t a permanent THC detox kit, it only masks the toxins for a few hours by removing them from the urine in your bladder, and keeping the balance of fresh urine natural until toxins leak back into it.

For me, the best options for affordable detox drinks, the ones most often mentioned in THC detox kit reviews are:

  1. Mega Clean

Mega Clean is a good quality detox drink by a reputable company called Detoxify. However, on its own it can struggle with high levels of toxins in the body. So for me, I would always buy it from Test Clear, because you can get it with six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills.

You take the Toxin Rid pills, a mini-course of Toxin Rid in effect, in the 24 hours leading up to the drug test alongside a natural detox. This really pushes out a lot of toxins, giving Mega Clean less to deal with on the day.

For me, it’s a great option, and I’ve used it myself to pass a simple pre-employment drug test a while back.

  1. Qcarbo32

We mentioned this detox drink earlier, it’s made by Herbal Clean, who don’t have a great reputation in terms of supplements. But this is a solid detox drink. If you buy it from Test negative you can get it with Herbal Pre-Cleanse detox pills.

All you have to do is take the pills over the 48 hours before your drug test and it will speed up toxin elimination significantly.

On the day of your test, simply drink the bottle of Qcarbo32, plus the additional water you have to drink. Then urinate around three times in the following hour, and go and submit your sample.

You can buy Mega Clean and Qcarbo32 in Walmart. I would not advise you buy them from a retailer, because you don’t get the crucial detoxification that you get when combined with the pills you can buy them online.